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Picture of Girl Playing with Her Doll


Dolls have been made by mothers for their daughters from many different kinds of materials. Dolls are a little girl's best friend. In early American settlements, dolls were crafted from scraps of fabric or whatever was lying around that was not needed. There was not much time for children to play because they helped out with the family chores. When little girls did have time for play, they may have only had one doll. Clothespins, wooden spoons, corn husks, rags, yarn, and socks have been used to make dolls. Faces were not necessary and were often left plain. A child could imagine her doll talking, laughing, or crying. It is these old-fashioned dolls that we feature in our Historical Doll Kits section.

Clothespin Doll Kit


Product Description: Our Clothespin Doll Kit (4701) makes two dolls, a boy and a girl doll. Included in the kit are two wooden clothespins, fabric, lace, ribbon, pipe cleaners, pearl cotton for the hair, pattern, instructions, and history. These cute dolls will look adorable displayed with other old-fashioned dolls. The clothespins we provide have flat bottoms so the dolls will stand by themselves.

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Item Number 4701

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