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Product Catalog

Early Education

Page One: Introduction; Schoolhouse Chalkboard Set (1001); Chalkboard Only (1002); and, Child's Hornbook (1003).
Page Two: Colonial Cedar Pencils (1004); Make Your Own Goose Quill Pen (1005); Early American School Set (1006); and, Child's Hornbook Set (1007).

Classic Toys & Puzzles

Page One: Introduction; Buzz Saw (2001); Paddleball (2002); and, Sleeper Yo-Yo ~ Natural (2003).
Page Two: Bull Roarer (2004); Jacob's Ladder (2005); Hardwood Top ~ Blue & Red (2006); and, Hardwood Top ~ Natural (2007).
Page Three: Cup & Ball Toss Toy ~ Colored (2008); Cup & Ball Toss Toy ~ Natural (2009); Four-Note Train Whistle (2010); and, Hand Propeller (2011).
Page Four: Jump Rope Set (2012); Spool Tractor (2013); Finger Tops ~ Natural (2014); and, Graces (2015).
Page Five: Thaumatropes (2016); Button & String Puzzle (2101); "T" Puzzle (2102); Pyramid Puzzle (2103); and, Ox-Yoke Puzzle (2104).

Traditional Games

Page One: Introduction; Tic Tac Toe (3001); Juggling Set (3002); and, Jacks (with suede pouch) (3003).
Page Two: Marbles (with suede pouch) (3004); Suede Pouch (3005); Hopscotch (with cloth bag) (3006); and, Nine Pins (with cloth bag) (3007).
Page Three: Wooden Dominoes (3008); Wooden Pick-Up Sticks (with cloth bag) (3009); Early American Playing Cards (3010); and, Wooden Dice (3011).
Page Four: Quoits (3012); Children's Card Games Set (3013); Cat's Cradle & Other String Games (3014); and, Bamboo Pick-Up Sticks (3015).
Page Five: Jacks (with cloth bag) (3016); Marbles (with cloth bag) (3017) and, Replica Toy Nine Pins (3019).

Home Crafts

Page One: Introduction; Lucet (4001); My First Tatting Kit (4002); and, Button Lover's Set (4003).
Page Two: Stars & Stripes Flag Kit (4101); Beginning Quilting Kit (4102); Sewing Cards (4103); and, Early American Sampler Kit (4201).
Page Three: Quilt Pattern Cross-Stitch Bookmark Kit (4202); Amish Cross-Stitch Bookmark Kit (4203); Early American Flag Cross-Stitch Kit (4206); and, Mini Cross-Stitch Sampler Kit (4207).
Page Four: Colonial Loom (4301); My First Weaving Loom (4302); E-Z Weaver (4303); and, Children's Peg Loom (4304).
Page Five: Potholder Loom (4305); Potholder Loops (4306); My First Knitting Set (4401); and, Spool Knitter (4402).
Page Six: Ring Knitter (4403); Pair of Knitting Needles (4404); My First Crochet Set (4501); and, Wool Drop Spindle Set (4601);
Page Seven: Wool Drop Spindle Only (4602); Wool Roving (4603); Cotton Hand Spindle Set (4604); and, Cotton Hand Spindle Only (4605).
Page Eight: Cotton Sliver (4606).

Historical Doll Kits

Page One: Introduction; Clothespin Doll Kit (4701); Penny Wooden Doll Kit (4702); and, Penny Wooden Doll Only (4703).
Page Two: Pocket Folk Doll Kit (4704); Handkerchief Doll Kit ( 4705); Yarn Doll Kit (4706); and, Mr. Sock Monkey Kit (4707).
Page Three: Miss Poppet Doll Kit (4708); Spoon Doll Kit ( 4709); Early American Cornhusk Doll Kit ( 4710); and, Traditional Cornhusk Doll Kit (4712).
Page Four: Native American Cornhusk Doll Kit (4714); Rag Doll Kit (4715); Topsy-Turvy Doll Kit (4716); and, Little Black Folk Doll Kit (4717).

Folk Instruments

Page One: Introduction; Kazoo (5001); Jew's Harp (Jaw Harp) (5002); Bamboo Flute (5003); and, Little Bamboo Flute (5004).
Page Two: Harmonica in C (5101); Plastic Recorder in C (5102) Ocarina in C (5103); and, Plastic Fife in C (5104).
Page Three: Brass Fife in B Flat (5201); Penny Whistle in D (5301); Lithographed Field Drum (5401); and, Americana Field Drum (5402).
Page Four: Claves (5403); Box Shaker (5404); One-Octave Xylophone (5405); and, Finger Cymbals (5406).

Native American

Page One: Introduction; Indian Bead Ring Kit (6001); Indian Bull Roarer (6002); and, Canoe Kit (6003).
Page Two: God's Eye Kit (Ojo de Dios) (6004); Medicine Pouch Kit (6005); Tomahawk Kit (6006); and Indian Pump Drill (6007).
Page Three: Native American Dream Catcher Kit (6008); Snake & Indian Stick Game (6101); Native American Web Weaving (6102); and, Stone Arrowheads (6201).

Historical Books

Page One: Introduction; Toys & Games from Times Past ( 91001); Pages from Early American Children's Books (91002); and, Children's Manners & Morals (91003).
Page Two: The ABC Hornbook in America (91004); The Jump Rope Book (92001); Children's Card Games Book (93001); and, The Button Book (94001).
Page Three: Beginning Weaving Projects Book (94301); Weaving Songs & Games Book (94302); and, Early American Folk Dolls Book (94701).

Music Books

Page One: Introduction; Traditional Melodies Book in C (95101); Children's Songs to Sing & Play (95102); and, May Carols in C (95103).
Page Two: One-Octave Melodies Book in C (95104); Five-Note Melodies Book in D (95301); and, Spinning and Weaving Songs (95901).

General Information

About the Elves - A little background info about Julie Harris and the Toy Elves of Nashville, Indiana.
Affiliations & Memberships - A listing of the organizations we Elves belong to and hold in high regard.
Catalog Request - This is a convenient form page provided to you in case you would like to receive our wholesale catalog.
New Products - Go here to see the most recent additions to our product lines.
Origins of Our Products - Interesting facts about the "roots" of the items we make.
Our Best Sellers - Would you like to know what our current top-sellers are? Here they are to assist you in your buying decisions!
Our Scrapbook - Photos and comments we would like to share with you.
Products by Periods Guide - A handy tool for customers asking a question similar to: "Which of your products are appropriate for our time period(s)?"
Wholesale Terms - This page spells out our terms and conditions to buy from Historical Folk Toys, LLC.

Miscellaneous Information

Contact Information - The many ways you can contact the Toy Elves in Nashville, Indiana.
Green Policies - This page states our company's goals and achievements when it comes to protecting our planet.
Legal Notices - This is a "fair warning" page for those who would consider infringing upon our intellectual rights and properties.
Privacy Policy - Read this page to be assured that your child(ren) and sensitive information are safe with the Elves.
Site Map - This is the page you are reading now and, therefore, our award-winning Web Elf does not have this page linked to itself. (He's such a good Web Elf!)

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